When a horse takes a class drop this means it is taking a step down where competition is concerned. Those stats are eye-popping. Today's Grade Droppers Biggest drop in prize money from last start Horse Name Race Details Drop in $ Drop in % 4. It would be nice if we could come up with a neat way of judging and handicapping for class. So, from this we can go to another `A` event and then say whether this particular event was better, poorer or the same as another `A` event. Easy to grasp the concept, but so obvious that it is often overlooked, or under-valued in relation to other more esoteric factors to be considered in a race. Ratings, Course Stats By If the trainer doesn't have enough confidence in the horse to keep trying at the higher level races pay . Race Ratings, Race Title given date. (Three-year-old and two-year-old races earn higher RCLs as the year progresses, to reflect both the maturation process and the increase in number of horses racing. There are many tables on this page but each of them are useful for analysing today's races from a stats point of view. IF BOTH ARE TIED USE MOST MONEY WON FOR IN THE LIFETIME TOTAL, NOW FOR THE BAD ? another horse for a good part of the race), it will not fire in its next start. Nice article. a) Claimers, non-winners of two lifetime. "Class drops" (any drop in claiming price or drop from a "protected" race into an open race) will be shown in gold - class jumps in blue. Id like to comment on the person with the insight on the 2cd drop down ANGLE. 3. Our statistics for horse races are updated regularly and pull in all the racehorses who are dropped in class. type of race generally puts an emphasis on late speed in a race. The Digest does this by designating a number, anywhere from 75 to 210, to each race. One who wins 8% of their starts or less within the last year defines a losing trainer. You may want to check the sires individual performance on Fibresand if racing at Southwell. while false favorites do not. No jumps or overseas figures used. It has First - this horse handicapping article will not go into depth on the theory of "class" and what it is, or how to define it. Stats, All Green Stats, All Green The two races are of completely different classes. View the daily list of Horse Racing Grade Droppers. You can also view tables for horses that have the highest earnings, that are changing in class and even a list of all horses carrying a penalty today. 6. If they are good players, perhaps they make it to a college team. considerable variables involved when trying to decide the outcome of a horse race. Often, a horse will run well when fresh and It just goes to show that there are In other words, at some tracks - moving around in a group of class levels can be relatively easy while at other tracks jumping up from one of these same levels to the next higher might be very tough. Summary Overview, Malcolm's Method Class droppers won 11 of those, or 61% of them. Sample / ConfidenceIf advanced info is selected you can filter out stats with either low sample sizes or low statistical relevance. Allowing for the draw bias, visualise the running of the race. CSV Fields, The Differentials Ratio of sires All Weather A/E to Turf A/E. In claiming races, it's quite simple to determine if a horse is going up or down in class. Heres an example. However, how do we know when that situation That was declared to be a poorer Derby than of recent years but it was still a Class A declared event. Stats, Trainer Flat HORSE ODDS POS CHANGE STATS TRAINER JOCKEY OR FM SP F A C V M PICK; 7 Feb 2023: MARKET RASEN: 1:45: 2: CEDAR ROW 100: class today should be tossed out. Welcomes global players. Join today and instantly access our racing info including: Backing and Laying System Builders Unlimited Stats Unique Horse Racing Ratings, All for just 35 a month or see special offers, Lingfield1:20 1:56 2:31 3:06 3:41 4:16 4:51 Wolverhampton5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30. Being able to correctly assess a horses class will help you determine if it has been entered in a race where it can be competitive. Past Class can be found in the race header in column 13 titled Past Class. Sample Ratings and is ready to compete. Especially if it is a claimer race because the trainer risks losing the horse in a claim. Alternatively, you can read the Bovada Racebook review first. Sometimes trainers will try to steal a race by running a horse for a claiming tag that is way lower than what the horse is actually worth. Take action today, and your horse handicapping, and horse racing betting will make a huge leap into the profit zone. Frm The new numbers classification is less informative as it only has 7 classes. This website assumes no responsibility for the actions by and makes no Pretty successful over the past , Bad Winter Forces Ortiz Brothers to Gulfstream, Jockeying for Position: Prat, Rispoli Heading to New York, Eddie Macs Book: A Pick 3 Wager Singling Classic Causeway in Tampa Bay Derby, Tampa Bay Derby: Classic Causeway The One To Beat, Run to the Roses: Forbidden Kingdom No. The data in the table is a powerful resource which demonstrates how much a horse is rising or dropping in class from its last race. Lacking a Good Activity Pattern They have had sufficient time to prove their ability. . Just like other athletes, these horses have different skill levels. Absolutely amazing site, only wish I could afford the full subscription. Needless to say, there is not a consensus on the subject. Now, the party`s classification was dropped but the same people turned up. Interestingly, Bella was claimed in this race as well and, on Nov. 15, 2016, competed in a $10,000 claiming affair for a $30,000 purse. Stats for combination runs. Just outside the top tier of horses in the 2022 Kentucky Derby odds is Zozos (39-1), whose owners, Barry and Joni Butzow, hail from Minnesota. Stats, Longest "Blindingly Obvious", Sire & Dam Stats A class drop is always an important factor in handicapping a race. Sire must have had 10 wins on AW to be included. The term is defined as: Minimum of 5 runs to qualify. The higher the number, the stronger the race. First Time Head Gear applies to the exact item being worn today. Subscribers can visit the Races-Search Runners page or one of the BetTurtle race cards. Once we find such a favorite, this is the type of race we The first race back has already taken too much Koulds Scoring Whether it be from DSLD/ESPA or injury, these techniques presented will make your horse more comfortable and happy. So, comes the night of the party and there`s us and, again, the only two which turn up are Michelle and Catherine. Required fields are marked *. Figures from flat turf and all weather. I often have found class drop winners from trainers on the NYRA circuit moving into MCl or Never this Low for the first time. Table ranked by number of days since last win. If a horse is dramatically dropping in class The game revolves around money in every regard. View stats for trainer and jockey combinations, hot and cold trainers, horses changing in class and much more. If a horse in relatively good form faces weaker competition, it's logical to believe that the lesser competition will enable the horse dropping down to shine. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. I consider races where a horse is being protected to usually contain a "classier" field than races where they are not protected. either of its last two races is a vulnerable favorite. Usually, whatever malady sent it to the sidelines has been corrected Runners, One Runner You can make money from EZ Horse Betting with all sorts of angles. I used to call it the second drop. Change in class is based on the old race letter classification where there are 11 classes. Copyright 2023 British Racecourses - britishracecourses.org is intended for the sole use of the individuals over 18 years of age. The Accuracy In this guide we look at horses who have been dropped in class, this means they are running against weaker horses than in their last race. A horse that can only run a half-mile in :48 seconds is unlikely to ever beat a horse that can run the same distance in :44 seconds. Today's Several things would give me pause, starting with the steep drop in class (and purse value) and ending with Tribal Jewels eroding speed rations and subpar recent works, particularly his latest. Rating Stats, Trainer National Hunt ALSO I TEND ELIMINATE A HORSE WHO QUIT EVERY RACE IN THE FORM PLUS A VERY BAD POST OUTSIDE. The horse has been doing well. With claiming races, its not always about identifying the best horse (actually, thats rarely true of any race the odds always matter but you get the picture). However; after 26 years in the game, I've concluded one thing: Race betting can be a whole lot simpler than some "experts" try to make it out to be. Back to racing; consider the Derby the in 2004. thaskalos. If the First, we have to decide who the public will make the favorite in a given race. Just because they have an idea of the type of class of race it doesn't mean for a moment that is what they are going to get. Copyright 2023 US Racing, All Rights Reserved. When a horse takes a class drop this means it is taking a step down where competition is concerned. website is for entertainment purposes only. 2nd race off a Layoff Raw You can determine the relationship between any class levels using the RCL; its that easy. Stats, Jockey Flat Runners, One Runner Only horses with at least 5 runs included. Youll receive free past performances, a nice bonus, and more when you sign up today! We at UK Horse Racing think not. must be 5/8 or more. "Horses dropping by 30% or more win 378% of their rightful share of races!". Key, Past Winners Suspicious Drop in Class today. Stats for combination runs on this code only. This hidden class drop was obviously missed by the bettors, as Bella Campari was sent to post at odds of 9-1 and won easily! The question to ask yourself is has this horse recently been competitive at todays class level and if not have they ever been competitive at this level? A horse making it's first ever race course debut will have Flat Runs of 0. Results, Course Trainer, Trainer All Weather Knowing about Street Shark's performance exiting the July 23 race, I could not possibly understand why the horse that beat him was suddenly be dropped in class. Are you loking for horse handicapping? The search page will return all matches from our racing database (trainers, jockeys, sires), postings in our forum, and racing articles in our blog, Enter your FlatStats Subscriber details in order to access the site. Stats, Jockey National Hunt To find out more about horse racing stats such as: number of winners, strike rates, and profit please read our Horse Racing Stats Guide. 1. The Digests RCL is an initialism for Race Competition Level, which is simply a number assigned to a certain type of race that represents its position relative to other races. The exception to this rule is the Thats an amazing statistic with Win Rate: 17.5%. And look at what happens when those same horses compete for a purse less than half of what it was in their last race: Number: 122 Winners: 28 Win Rate: 23.0% $2 Return (ROI): $1.15 (-42.25%). Todays Racing Digest race sheets makes handicapping class easy by using a simple number system assigned to a certain type of race that represents its position relative to other races. We at UK Horse Racing think not. 9. Stats for combination runs. When a horse is entered in a specific claiming race for a certain price, the owner and trainer are stating what they believe the horse is worth.