I was, he says to the GBI agent. Instead he'll make sure through the courts that she stays close to keep tabs on herm and lets be honest..who really wants to date someone with an ex like that, who can clearly get away with murder. Why people h Fox News reporter Jamie Colby's Bio: "Strange Inhe Mulan Vuitton's age, measurements, boyfriend, fami Choi Jong-ho (ATEEZ) Wiki - Who is Choi Jong-ho? One of her aunts is all over Facebook., GBI agent said, The bullet didn't even enter the skull. Which I knew that.. I can't keep doing this.. What are my kids going to do? he pleaded, his voice cracking with emotion. Matthew sends another text to his girlfriend, a Spalding County dispatcher: Give me a few. When she has spare time, Jessica enjoys various sports, her favorite being CrossFit; in 2017 she even participated in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. She tried modelling and participated in pageants, and later got a job in journalism. Wiki Biography, Salary. I just heard about this case and wanted to see if anyone was talking about it here but couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd start the discussion. Man, look, she's still breathing. She told the agent, they were at home when they argued about his mistress and the photo that Jessica found on his phone that night. Earlier that night Jessica's husband Matthew headed to Waffle House for a late . Jessica needs to get an outfit ready for the next day and head to bed soon. Moments later, she is standing inside her bedroom closet, arguing about cheating and formula with Matthew. The sheriff of the police department, Matthew's grandfather, Wendell Beam, has officers contact Jessica's family to inform them that she is dead, even though she is not. It is worth saying that in this very competition there was another participant who later became famous and popular the YouTube personality named Grace Helbig held 7th place in the pageant. Is jessica boynton still alive Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, did a good write up a few years ago on Ronda's case. I think it was all part of an act, to look like he was afraid of her and she wasnt of sound mind. Brandi Harvey Wiki: Siblings, Net Worth, Husband, Who is Gotham star Cory Michael Smith? The gun found under Jessica happens to be his service gun. And he called the girlfriend, so Mays said to Mathews. Miraculously though, she wakes up, but with no memory of what happened in the closet. I also remember the news program said she was starting a new job the next day, which is why she was originally in the closet. While spring was in full swing, Jessica spent Mothers Day, recovering in an ICU hospital bed. How badly you want to achieve the goal of creating a series. I don't know if it's just his job or what, but like I said I don't think he would intentionally hurt me.. An officer was called to their home at about 10.53pm - a few hours before she was found with a gunshot wound - where Boynton told the cop he had argued with his wife. I mean, I can make assumptions like everyone else, she said about what happened to her a year ago. But Jessicas trauma surgeon, a 30-year veteran in the field, had a few thoughts of his own about what could have happened and what likely did not happen that night. So was the government. It's like some of my family they hear all these people say, Oh I think he did it and it was planned. It's like I tell them, they make it twice as bad because I'm a cop, Matthew said. She was trying to decide what to wear to the first day. Its been a year since the birds sang, since the soft wind met with warm air, and since the trigger of a .40-caliber Glock pistol was squeezed inside Boyntons closetand the probe into who and how and why, began. Jessica was neither dead nor shot in the head. Boynton Beach, FL 33426-3603 Boca Raton, FL 33431-6574 . By Benjy P. February 8, 2023. Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts, Morgan Brennans (CNBC) Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Salary, Who is Charly Caruso from WWE/ESPN? Police investigate further and find a gun underneath Jessicas seemingly lifeless body. I didnt know if I was dealing with a possible active active scenario where she still had the gun and she had shot Tyler, he replies. And is a LEO again in another town in Georgia. I had the same image in my head. But she felt isolated. That way if he tainted the crime scene at all, he could just claim it happened upon discovering the body. Six months later, the love they once shared would be a distant memory. Two bullets are found. Central Piedmont program to offer teacher licensing program, Central Piedmont program to offer teacher licensing program this fall, QC Happenings: 9 things to do this weekend in Charlotte, Thunderstorm brings down trees in Mecklenburg County. Hello Unresolved Mysteries friends! Her sons colorful, plastic toys clutter the front porch, where an American flag waves proudly amidst the blue sky filled with plush, white clouds. Thats fine. I didnt know if I was dealing with a possible active active scenario where she still had the gun and she had shot Tyler, he replied. You want to start recording me, and started quoting me, you'd better let me know ahead of time, or we're gonna have a problem. Matthew Boynton, 21, had just started work as a Griffin police officer. 19, 2016, by his former wife, Jessica Lester. 11Alive reached out to Officer Matthew Boynton, however, phone calls were not returned. I mean he might have grabbed my arm before, but I don't think he would intentionally do anything to hurt me,' she told the agent. #pinchme, A post shared by Jessica Boyington (@jessicaboyington) on Aug 15, 2019 at 12:07pm PDT. The officers managed to get her out of the closet and place her on her back. He denied, denied, denied. The county sheriff ruled her dead at the scene. Inside, they find Jessica, wearing tan slippers adorned with fur, black yoga pants and a red T-shirt. Jessica Boynton, 19, was a stay-at-home mom to 8-month-old Tyler and 2-year-year old Tollin. Fiction Writing. It could have been simply that um, all his, he left his stuff there. Her head shaved. One night in April of 2016, as Matthew tells it, he was going to go have a meal with a cop buddy when, as he was leaving, Jessica suggested he call an ambulance, and was hunched over in a horrible state. Even though doctors were able to save her life, they couldnt save her from what was about to happen to her familylosing custody of her children. At the same time, she co-hosted the show The Chio in the Morning at 96.5. He grabs his police radio, stationed and charging on top of the white microwave in the kitchen, and leaves his phone on the counter. I never wanted to hurt myself before, she said, going on to say that shes never handled a gun, nor shot one. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Rowan University. She is still fighting for full custody of her kids. If you play with it a little bit, it's not hard.. Do you mean like a lunch break? Holding him for the first time was true love, she said, her eyes welling up with joy. No it wasn't. He said the description of a self-inflicted gunshot wound didnt fit, and calling it a very unusual direction in which to point the gun at ones self with the intention of committing suicide.. Once the scene is secure, investigator Misty Gresham checks on Tollin, whos sleeping, and Tyler, who is awake and still crying in his cribboth unharmed. When cops arrive, Jessica is discovered locked in a closet with his gun. Shes still breathing. The air is thick with the trepidation, as officers approach the locked closet. they tell Jessica. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Rowan University. Sing like no ones listening; Dance like nobodys watching; Love like youve never been hurt.. Jessicas fans could only imagine what had really happened, considering there was a lawsuit pending. If the phone was found by the GBI in the kitchenif the phone is on police body camera footage sitting on the counter by the microwave, and he was outside never returning insidehow is it possible for Matthew to text his girlfriend, while he's calling in shots fired while outside of the apartment? She pulls the shower curtain back and snatches his phone. He assigns another officer to standby at the door until the rest of the apartment is cleared. Shes not just keeping her babies close, but also her faith. I didnt, I didnt, I didnt try to brush off anything. The shooting occurred on the evening of April 14, 2016. The babys muffled cry echoes, getting louder as the officers sweep their guns back and forth, searching for the shooter. And, the first officer on scene, as recorded by body cam footage, was not interviewed by the GBI for months after the incident. Until then, he was still working as an officer, as he had been cleared of any wrongdoing in Jessica's attempted murder. I know a firefighter whose daughter hung herself in his home. My father died in Pinellas County 9 June 2008, his death certificate does NOT give his cause of death. A text message is sent to his phone from Jessicas phone. She participated in numerous events and initiatives to rescue animals from the streets and find them shelter. Thats the last thing the 19-year-old remembers. Her husband Matthew (a police officer) is the one who called the police because he has "no idea what's happened to his wife or their two young sons" and he was "too frightened" to go into the apartment and look. There are a lot of questions that I would love to have answered. While at Walmart, they squabble further over what type of formula to buy. Matthew makes it home, jumps out of his truck, races through the breezeway of his apartment building and bolts up the stairs. With dark, latex gloves on, an officer kneels down and touches her neck with his fingers. Jessicas fans were indeed worried about her destiny and further career, and tried to find information themselves, but didnt have enough sources to do it. But Yates said, Matthew was not the shooter and trusts the investigations outcome. Especially because of my children. Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.. Jessica keeps all details about her private life low-key. I have been suffering for a while now and no one has noticed. And he loves food. These days, Boynton, now 20, is living life quietly with her two young sons in the country, off a barely one lane dirt road, about an hour from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. And things are looking up. Then it was Jessica, who left the channel without even saying a word. In response to 11Alives questions about the case, the GBI said, We are confident in the investigation that was conducted.. Will their desires change? Any weapons inside the house? the dispatcher inquires. She still feels the lasting effects of her head injuries including severe headaches, ringing in ears, nausea and limited mobility in her left leg and foot. His cop buddies let him WASH HIS CLOTHES before being questioned or anything. This case makes me furious, and I wish more people were aware of Jessica's battle for justice. She hasnt shared any pictures of her current or former boyfriends or partner, not letting anybody into her personal life. Earlier that night Jessica's husband Matthew headed to Waffle House for a late-night bite with a fellow officer . Matthew leaves for Waffle House for a late-night food run with on-duty cop and best friend, Officer Joshua Guthrieleaving his service weapon, a Glock .40, at home, in its holster and in the closet. Blood pressure.. In March 2015 she left to join NBC10 News Today, where she worked in the same position until February 2019. First of all, the wound that she suffered was toward the vertex of her skull on the right side of her head; this would imply that she shot herself with a gun pointed downward near the top of her skull, the doctor continued in the letter. Guthrie calls Matthew and they chat for two minutes. Gross. and there is a photo of a pillow covered in blood in the closet that Jessica was found in. The next-door neighbor interview was conducted after Matthew returned to full duty. Matthew calls EMS, and goes home. From her early years she liked dancing, and learned hip-hop, tap, ballet and jazz. How did his phone get in there and how was there activity on his phone if he was not in the kitchen with his phone?" Point the SnapChat camera at this to add us to SnapChat. Jessica was still in a coma with a traumatic brain injurytubes stemming from her brain to alleviate pressure and fluid. He gets out of the shower and repeatedly asks her for his phone, but she refuses, until he admits to her that he is cheating on her. It was actually from him. If not, why? Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Is there potential for extensive character development, world-building and subplots within my main plot? Im strong because I have two little people who depend on me, she said. Get him downstairs, one of the officers whispers to another. They moved to Griffin and she said everything imploded. he needs to rot, anyone who helped the coverup needs to rot. I f***ing love her. Jessica Boynton, 19, was found lying in a pool of her own blood in a locked wardrobe in the home she shared with her husband Matthew Boyntonin Griffin, Georgia. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); It is worth mentioning that it took her a bit longer to finish university, as she took some time off to participate in pageants. Yeah it's BS. I know that we got into an argument, but that's about all," she said, not remembering much of what had happened on April 15. Her bright blues eyes glisten as they well with emotion. Former Miss New Jersey USA, Jessica Boyington, has since had a successful career as a traffic reporter in Philadelphia. He was charged with theft a year later but was released on bail and has never been in jail. He wanted to be the one to cut her down. Jessicas shoulder-length, blonde hair is saturated in crimson. Her mouth covered with a breathing apparatus and several machines attached to her monitoring her condition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Looks like someone on this sub did a good write up a few years ago on Ronda's case. At home she has two Jack Russell terriers named Rocky, a rescued dog from the shelter, and Taz, a cancer survivor. I can't even get it out of its case, she replied. This aspect is such common place now people have no idea what some moms have to live through just to be able to be their childrens mother. She claims her phone was unlocked, so it would have been possible for anyone to send it. And I was content. Jessica is apprehensive, but relents. Jessica, on a few occasions, hit and slapped him, he tells the GBI. They're saying it was self-inflicted, she said. Fast forward to May 11, the day numerous items that reportedly belonged to Lester were turned in to the Griffin Police Department. Union America was taken over by mafia long ago. There is a change.org petition for the FBI to take up the case, but it will likely lead to nothing. Matthew states that before her "suicide attempt", Jessica texted him this: "I can't do this anymore. I believe I just heard a shot fired coming from my residence. The agent had that phone, I think DeMarco, Chris DeMarco had the phone and they was [sic] trying to get in the gate, and, uh, he accidentally hit, I guess, the last number dialed, called or whatever. The young couple needs to make a quick trip to Walmart because Tyler needs formula, but again, they spat. *Edited to add this link that has extensive photos and videos from the incident. They just took his word because he was a copwhich yeah, youre supposed to be able to trust cops. The glowing yellow and black, blocked-letter Waffle House sign illuminates his truck as he drives by, turning around to head back home. She initially told a GBI agent it was doubtful her husband had anything to do with it when they asked if she thought he did something. Lt. Curtis Keys is dispatched to the scene. Geez, Im not on the market, but remind me never to date someone in law enforcement. Four days later, he appeared in court, wearing his police uniform, and testified that he had been cleared by the GBI in a custody hearing. Wow, that's really crazy. . We hope to challenge issues which have captured the publics imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. She moved UP by going to ABC from the NBC outfit. Boynton said he left Walmart without his wife and the officer didn't check on her whereabouts. -, Press J to jump to the feed. Matthew met Jessica during her sophomore year at Pike County High School during an open house in 2012. And for the next two months, she would see her sons once a week for four hours. She is 5ft 7ins (1.70m), while her weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment. This is not the first time I have had suicide thoughts. And, more importantly, does it answer them all? Jessica also noted that the couple had been at Walmart earlier that night where they had a fight about him having a mistress. She had an appointment Monday.. He drove back to the apartment, he tells Jones, but it was too late. (Tension is one of the most important driving forces in fiction, and without it, your series is likely to fall rather flat. Jessica throws her hand up with a brief wave and continues her include to the second floor. Family and friends believe, in fact, they were married far too young. She said he told her that he would bring them over on Saturday. Until recently, Matthew's grandfather, Wendell Beam, reigned as Spalding County sheriff. Three weeks later, Jessica wakes up believing its the next day. What do you think?