5:45. Concentration on vocal music during the Renaissance period meant that instrumental music continued to be used as mere accompaniment for voices. The illustration shown of the Emperor Maximillian in his music workshop depicts which of the following? As Hardy and the FBI launch a raid on their compound, the cult retaliates with an attack on an evacuation center in Havenport, giving Joe the chance to get away safely. Tone color, pitch, duration, and dynamics. Identify the opera in question. Britten's The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra is written as a theme and variations, which is best defined by which of the following characteristics? Which of the following are the main properties of musical sounds? Jordy, upset because he revealed important information to the FBI, kills himself by swallowing and choking himself on his own bandages. What is the brass instrument shown in the image? . :26, chord accompaniment and clear, strong cadences, The texture of the following example from the Classical period can best be described as: After Ryan is out of surgery, he is greeted by Mike and when he questions what happened to Claire, Mike informs him that Claire died, leaving Ryan devastated. The proper musical term for "increasing the tempo" is __________. Why was the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris important? The following piece was written by a leading figure of the post-WWII Germanavant-garde . The first season of the Fox American television psychological thriller horror series The Following premiered on January 21, 2013 and concluded on April 29, 2013, with a total of 15 episodes. "I thought we could be in this together. Which excerpt suggests tempo rubato? You have heard the first section, in which two themes were introduced, and a second section, in which segments of those themes were expanded and developed. The following excerpt is dissonant. This could be due to the use of conflicting harmonies, melodies, or rhythms, or it could be due to the use of dissonant musical intervals such as the tritone. The earliest surviving operathen called dramma per musicawas written by a member of the Florentine Camerata named: Tempo is an Italian universal musical term that refers to the speed at which a music composition is played. She claims to be separated from Kester because he was abusive, having stabbed her on a previous occasion. Josquin's music was widely praised by music lovers; Martin Luther remarked that God has preached his Gospel through the music of Josquin Desprez; Josquin's masses, motets, and secular vocal works influenced other composers.Definition. :35, Which of the following describes this example? She was a visionary and mystic; she was an abbess in Germany; she wrote many monophonic chants. Infamous serial killer Joe Carroll ( James Purefoy) escapes from prison and Ryan Hardy ( Kevin Bacon ), a retired F.B.I. Ryan later returns to Lily's hospital room to check in with her and apologize for the incident, believing it to be his fault that she was attacked. When a note is emphasized more than others, usually by being played louder, is called a(n), A mechanical or digital device that indicates tempo on a scale of beats per minute by emitting sounds or flashes of light is called a. (:14), Listen to the following selection. The following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment. List the point of entry, stasis, inciting incident, at least 3 rising action events leading to t MethodFemale students volunteered to take part in a discussion on the psychology of sex. rhino 69 extreme 60000 8 de junho de 2022; first name on the supreme court crossword clue 25 de junho de 2020; tocaya salad calories 14 de maro de 2015; cayce, sc planning commission 13 de maro de 2015; the tree house readworks answer key pdf 13 de maro de 2015 Mayza responded sadly. Answer: True Which of the following choices is the defining characteristic of polyphony? (player 2:06), The following musical excerpt represents strophic form. Who composed La favola dOrfeo, a work that marks the beginning of opera as a major art form? How was Romanticism different from the Enlightenment? (play :22), Which of the following examples represents secular music? When a melody acquires significant importance within a given composition, it is called a: The most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: (:35), The melody in the following excerpt is comprised of: (:24), The direction of the following melody can be best described as: (:05), The trumpet melody in the following excerpt can be best described as: (:03), The melodic material in the following excerpt can be best described as having: (:13), Mixed melodic directions with a transitional character, Does the following excerpt feature more disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? True Musical texture refers to how melody and harmony relate to each other. The following excerpt is an example of ritardando. (Play :32, . What is used to indicate the meter of a piece at the beginning of the staff? Paul and Jacob are able to escape with the help of other Followers disguised as FBI agents. False Correct! What is this composers name? His disappointment after being forgotten by the young girl he loved, A Chantar is an example of a love song sung by a. 5 in C Minor, Op. It remains in the same key as the A section. This is called: (:01) arpeggio. (play :17), This excerpt is an example of a medieval religious type of composition known as, plainsong, plainchant, or Gregorian chant, The melody of this example suggest that it is from sacred music of the Medieval period because Emma returns to her apartment where she lives with Hannah and other former Carroll cult members who were never found by the FBI. Kyrie eleison. Which of the following statements are true of music in the Renaissance? :40, The dynamics in this example is best described as: Enraged at Alex for mocking Debra's death, Hardy shoots him in cold blood. They find his address through Max's New York Police Department computer software; Ryan heads to the house despite Max suggestion he instead hand the information over to the FBI and stop the private investigating the two had been up to. (:11), The sense of beat in this example is unstressed throughout. Which of the following statements about Hildegard of Bingen are true? Please try out!" "I just don't have the time." Mayza responded sadly. The twist would have been that at one moment, they would all start getting up, alive, and it would be revealed that they were all part of a cult following, "Ghostface.". The episode's ratings reached a series high and was watched by 11.18 million and earned an 18-49 rating/share of 4.4/12. The following excerpt comes from a famous aria in one of Mozart's most enduring operas. While being held captive with Megan, Hardy is able to cause dissension among Emma, Paul and Jacob. This site is using cookies under cookie policy . (Play :17). 140, Wachet auf (Sleepers, Awake), Nos. There had to be a way to make Italian performers incorporate dynamic changes in their playing. :47, Which statement reflects the musical features of the following music example? Which genre is represented by this example? Polyphonic music was not always based on Gregorian chant; Composers used drinking songs and imitated birdcalls in their works. the following excerpt is dissonant. Joey locates the phone Emma used to leave a voice mail for Maggie. Listen to the audio clip. Which of the following terms does not refer to a basic musical texture? Most of the notated music that survives from the Medieval period is secular in nature. The composer pictured above, an international artist of Hungarian heritage, decided to become a technical wizard at the keyboard after hearing Paganini playing the violin. The sections of the Classical sonata-allegro form are: Exposition, Development, and Recapitulation. The independence and equality of concurrent melodic lines, This music passage is an example of: (:16), The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. This instrument, which was very popular during the Renaissance, is called a: According to the text, the Renaissance period was known as: The following example is played on an instrument that was very popular during the Renaissance. During the Classical period, opera buffa (comic opera) plots were based on myths and historical figures. Thomas Hart Benton was influential in Regionalism, a style of art that focused mostly on what?. It was an intellectual center, with the University of Paris attracting scholars of the time; Musicians at Notre Dame led the development of polyphonic music; It was an artistic capital. Then, on the line provided, write COM for common or PROP for proper and CON for concrete or ABS for abstract. :08, Beethoven is sometimes referred to as "The Father of the Symphony.". Tempo and rhythm are interchangeable terms. According to the text, Beethoven strongly influenced the music of Haydn. It is the word Alleluia sung to the free rhythm of Gregorian chant. (player :25), From a Renaissance composition having its roots in folk songs. Which of the following are true of the career of Guillame de Machaut? True or false: Machaut wrote both religious music as well as secular love songs, reflecting the changes and secularization of the 14th century. Joe later talks with Molly and has data on Ryan given to him. An important innovation at the School of Notre Dame between 1170 and 1200 was the use of ________ rhythm. Christe eleison. (player 2:34). Listen to the audio clip. (:11), The following example features a steady pulse played by the bass. Identify the opera in question. The two main forms of sacred Renaissance music are the _____ and the ____. Impressionism Which of the following was not a French composer? We thoroughly check each answer to a question to provide y'all with the most correct answers. Which of the following statements about pitch are true? What were some of the criticisms about church music that were addressed during the Council of Trent? Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name False. Joe questions what motivated Ryan into saving people and discovers it was because of his father's death. That feature is: agent responsible for capturing Joe, is pulled back into the field to assist the manhunt. (player 2:33). How does A Dolls House fit onto Freytags Pyramid? He proceeds to play music and dance with Heather's dead body with the majority of her clothing removed. Nadia Boulanger was a prominent music teacher who taught some of the most influential composers of the 20th century, including Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, and Walter Piston. When a melody serves as the starting point of a composition and is modified in various ways as the work progresses, it is called a. Which statements are true about this Bach piece? Which of the following examples features melismatic singing? and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) constitute a harmony. Distracted by the search for Joey and unable to find any leads in Carroll's escape, the FBI lose faith in Hardy's ability to catch him and his followers and usher in a new agent to oversee the investigation. [player :15]. Consonance and dissonance refer to chords and intervals. (player 4:32), The following excerpt has smooth melodies that imitate one another on entrances. Permit us know well-nigh information technology through the Study button at the bottom of the folio. Which of the following was NOT known as a composer of choral music? :40, Listen to this music example and answer the following question: What would be the typical expectation regarding the rest of the movements of this particular type of work? :21. Which of the following were important composers in the Medieval period? Which statement reflects the musical features of the following music example? Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. (:19), Does the following excerpt move mainly by disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? "I thought we could be in this together. From the following composers, select the one that best understood the intrinsic nature and potential of the piano as an expressive instrument: The following choral work, based on the German Bible, was written by: Joe eventually lets Claire reunite with her son. Match the search results: Listen to the following two examples from a piece in . The piece was composed in a prison camp; it was scored for available instruments: violin, clarinet, cello, and piano. It is a monophonic chant for women's voices. The distance between two tones is called a(n). Ryan Hardy, now sober and healthy, and living in New York City and teaching college students, shows up to work and is met by FBI agents. Which of the following is an example of increasing tempo (accelerando), and the increasing excitement that goes with it? Which one of these composers was considered a national hero in his homeland? The melodic and harmonic construction of music around a central tone toward which other tones gravitate is called. Ryan fails to provide an answer again and walks off. Carroll selects Agent Weston to be the victim and has his followers abduct him. (player 10:26), What element of the musical style of the following piece indicates that it is from the Renaissance period rather than the Medieval period? 3:26, The rhythm of the following example suggests that the piece was composed during the Classical period. Which excerpt represents the Theme? :33, The following musical excerpt is from a recitative. The musical texture that consists of a single melody without accompaniment is called: Which Classical genre is represented by this example? Ryan, gaining what strength he can, grabs Molly from behind her hair and strangles her to the ground and breaks her neck, killing her. True or false: A synthesizer gives the composer control over the pitch, dynamics, rhythm and duration of a musical sound. Caroll's attorney, Olivia Warren (. False Correct! The sections where the march theme is heard played by the strings with no accompaniment is an example of __________ texture. Ryan Hardy and his team see Maggie in a surveillance footage stabbing a victim in a parking lot after buying puzzling utilities. Which of the following statements are true of the Agnus Del from Machaut's Notre Dame Mass? After two of three remaining Claires are killed, Amanda tracks the third one down at the same time Ryan does. Consonant harmonies usually provide a feeling of tension. question. His wife, Maggie (Virginia Kull) is found by Hardy and his team and brought in for questioning. How did the city of New York memorialize those that died in the fire?What impact did this have on the citizens of New York? A young man, Luke, and woman, Heather Clarke, make eye contact in the hallway of a hotel. :52. The melody in this composition is representative of Romantic music because it: Meter organizes _________ and __________ sounds into units called measures. Gregorian chant that has one or more melodic lines added to it. False Who is credited with the creation of plainsong? His suspicions are confirmed when Weston realizes the tape of the prisoner loading bay has been doctored. It expresses strong emotion through extreme loud and soft dynamics, wide pitch ranges, and a variety of timbres. This composer pictured above wrote The Blue Danube, arguably the most famous waltz of all time. However, it can also be used in a more subtle way, adding depth and complexity to a piece without necessarily drawing attention to itself. Which of the following is a composition for the vihuela? Home; Products; About Us. Top rated: 4 Lowest rating: 2 Summary: Articles about Music 152 & Harmony Final Test Answers - Quizzma The most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: (00:35).Imitation between voices. False. According to Monteverdi, what is the difference between prima practica and seconda practica? :39, The following excerpt is most likely from a(n) The dates given in this course for the Classical period are: What common Classical period genre does this excerpt represent? Parallel organum developed into true polyphony, with two or more independent melodic lines. (:13). The following excerpt represents melody by itself without harmonic accompaniment. The following excerpt is consonant. false. Hardy discovers Carroll's unfinished manuscript in her coffin, which leads him to a location where Emma drugs and captures him. Listen to the following two examples from a piece in rondo form presented in the text. True or false: Electronic instruments include amplified instruments, synthesizers and computers. Who is credited with the creation of plainsong? The sudden quiet and crescendos leading to important parts of the piece are examples of changes in. Venit ad Petrum was often used as the cantus firmus for the mass. Dufay Which of the following examples features melismatic singing? There is imitation between individual voices; it is mainly polyphonic; there is imitation between pairs of voices. Which of the following is not a composer from the Romantic period? Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) . The Rite of Spring French: Le Sacre du printemps is a ballet and orchestral concert work by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. Suppose you are listening to the first movement of a symphony written in the Classical period. (00:11) True. Beneath is the best information and noesis near the most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: compiled and compiled by the bmr.edu.vn team, along with other related topics such as: the most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is quizlet, does the following excerpt move mainly by disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? (:21), This music excerpt is an example of: (:31), The following excerpt represents homophonic texture. He traveled on military campaigns and on visits to royal courts; he was a church official; he served King John of Bohemia. During the Baroque period, the musical feature that lent harmonic support to the main melodic line of a composition was called: The musical features of the following example suggest that it comes from a/an: Claire takes advantage of Joe's affections of her and seduces him before stabbing him. I am hoping to see you at try-outs this afternoon. Pianissimo (pp), forte (f), and fortissimo (ff) are Italian terms and symbols for which musical element? a) A client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) tells the nurse, "Sometimes I feel so frustrated. True or false: Musical style refers to the way rhythms, melodies, harmonies, texture and form are used in a specific period in history, in a geographical location or within a composer's work. Listen to the audio clip. 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Listen to the audio clip. Which of the following choices is the defining characteristic of polyphony? English madrigals in honor of "Oriana," or Queen Elizabeth I. What texture describes a main melody accompanied by chords? Quickly and professionally. :25, Which of the following excerpts exhibits Baroque rhythmic characteristics? Musicians who worked there, including Leonin and Perotin, wrote innovative polyphonic music; it was a symbol of gothic architecture. Knowing that it is only a matter of time before Carroll finds her, Hardy must outsmart a group of followers and move Claire to a safe place. She asks to see her son but Joe refuses, which causes Claire to storm off. Which of the following best describes the music in this selection from Machaut's Notre Dame Mass? Match each phase of the baroque period with the characteristic that best describes the phase. The following excerpt features characteristics of polyphonic texture. A dance of the Renaissance era in duple meter and with a stately tempo might be a. 3:27, the following excerpt is . Not even if they are several agents in the same spot. It is a true statement that the following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment.. What is derived from the audio file? Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. (:07), The following excerpt represents polyphonic texture. The texture in the opening phrase of this work is monophonic. True Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch e. Now up your study game with Learn mode. For most of Flow My Tears, the lute is subordinate to the voice; however in the middle section, as heard in this excerpt, what happens? Jordy says that he does not know where Joey is but that Kester's wife does because she helped plan the abduction, revealing Maggie to be involved.